How To Master Affiliate Marketing Part 2

How To Master Affiliate Marketing Part 2

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Learn how to master affiliate marketing in 2019! You can read the first part of this 5 part series here.

It’s a numbers game. Affiliate Marketing is intricate (a lot of moving parts) and there are many right ways to market with affiliate links and there are definitely wrong ways too. (For example Spam).

One thing Affiliate Marketing is NOT, is intrusive. Spam is unwanted and intrusive marketing messages. Stay away from these practices.

Good marketing is when the consumer buys through an affiliate marketer’s affiliate link. Not when they are sold, but when they are tempted to buy. There is a difference. The more you create this experience, the better

As I mentioned in part 1, A lot of affiliate networks look for already established blogs and websites that already have a great amount of website traffic already. Your goal should always be to get more visitors to your site.


More to come! Stay tuned.

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