How To Master Affiliate Marketing Part 1

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How To Master Affiliate Marketing Part 1

Master affiliate marketing with some must-haves.

In this article, I’m going to cover the basic “must haves” to earning an income, worth earning, online. Bookmark this page so you can access it later.

Affiliate Marketing helps you…

  • Know who your targeted audience is, and what they appeal to.
  • Get your offers in front of the people looking for it
  • Know how to optimize and track your campaigns
  • Have the “must haves”
  • Avoid anything that is intrusive or unwarranted practices
  • Earn a living doing what excites and stimulates you

First Must Have:

The first and foremost, must have for your online earning potential is going to be a website/blog. But, in order to have this you must first have a “hosting” company that can handle thousands, and even millions of website visitors.

My best advice to you will be going with a “managed WordPress” hosting plan. This is optimized for website growth, and by using WordPress (which powers most websites, by the way), you can bypass “coding”. Also, a good hosting company will offer SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for added security! For example.

This will save you time so you can do more important things, (like checking your checking account). Also, with the added security, people will feel more confident being on your site.

With a “hosting plan”, you will also be able to purchase a domain. A domain is the dot com. For example, my domain is . This is also the web address, and the information in the browser that connects people to your website.

Second Must have:

Once you have your domain, and your website set up and hosted, you will want to make sure that you have content. This content is typed words, images and videos. (At the least)These each contain “metadata” that is important for Google to use when it analyzes your website.

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Website content is also where you will host your affiliate links, but in order to work with a lot of great companies that use affiliates for advertising, you will need website traffic.

Website Traffic

Your web content is the “long game”. This means that when you are ranking on the first page of Google for the “keywords or phrases” that people are typing into Google… Your website is showing up to the people looking for what you got to offer. This is when you master affiliate marketing.

A lot of times people are just looking for information, and in your blogs content, you can satisfy this need for information. (This is why you always want to update your website regularly).

As far as getting website visitors, this technique called SEO will get you “unique and organic visitors”, people who come to your site on their own. but, this takes time, so it is the long game. Also, there are many techniques to do this, and you can learn more here on this site. You can also run paid advertisements that will direct people to your site.

Third Must Have:

Video reach. People want to consume information as fast as they can these days. This is the preferred method for a lot of consumers. Video.

YouTube is the biggest platform that allows anyone to host their videos for free. This is also a hub for information of all kinds. Yes, even affiliate marketing.

YouTube also have the second biggest search engine in the world. (Google is the first).

This explains why a lot of YouTubers are excited about vlogging. And this is why this is also a “must have”. Big companies, know full well the marketing reach of YouTube and Google does too. This is why creators are giving the opportunity to monetize their videos for a commission.

How to increase YouTube rankings

The more subscribers and views you have, the more companies get their message out there, the more YouTube pays. The more you learn how to master affiliate marketing with the right platforms the better!

In order to understand the Metrics of your videos performance, you will need an additional tool such as TubeBuddy. This is the most popular one and also an inexpensive way to get your videos more optimized for the search engines. Take a look at TubeBuddy here.

TubeBuddy offers insight!

What I like most about TubeBuddy is the “thumbnail generator”. Thumbnail images are important to the success of your video on YouTube. Why? Because people will click on a video faster if it has a stunning thumbnail image. TubeBuddy is also the least expensive way to go.

I know you’re thinking, “…but Eric… When and how is the money gonna start rolling in?!” Let’s go more in-depth in Part Two.

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