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Why Do You Want to Make Money Online?

Why do you want to make money online?

Without experience you will want to have a great mentor if you want to make money online. I don’t know about you but for me, I want more time and money to do what I really want to do in life. This is why I strive in my day to day.

• Reputable Automated income
• Time to travel with my family
• Comfortable surroundings
• Proof to myself that I can do it

These things head the list of why I wake up everyday.
I know when I go to work at a j.o.b. (just over broke), I’m most likely replaceable, I’m building on someone else’s dream and most of the jobs I’ve had, I never knew who I was really working for. (Think about it)

Waking up early to go to this job, while missing precious moments in my family’s life wasn’t and still isn’t something worthwhile, to me.
Currently, I am building a profitable online business and you can check it out here.
In my personal case, I have a long distance relationship with my wife and daughter and I knew that if I could fall in love with someone online, that I hadn’t met in person, (we’ve met since then, engaged and married and now have a beautiful daughter), I knew, if this is possible then finding the right online platform to make money was definitely possible.

This is exactly what I’ve done.
As of right now, I earn a living working for a company that coats headers for hotrods! I actually love my job, and it helps me to pay for more things in life as my online business runs in the background.
Check it out here if you haven’t done so.
After evaluating many business ideas online the main key to me is building an email list. Having a relationship with people over email, is super important and my online business allows me to do this. It’s awesome.

I also run live weekly Giveaways and host a weekly live stream. It has been helping me tremendously in building my website traffic. Of course I believe that in life, the main goal is to become successful and to get to this point, I must know exactly what this means to me.
It takes time to really evaluate things such as what works when it comes to building an automated income. There are many claims out there that do just that “claim” to be the source. 

I tend to stay away from the “Spammy” “Fly by night” stuff, because Google X’s those people and services out. I like to stand behind stuff that has withstood the test of time.

I’ve found that by working with my mentor David, that an online business to run properly and smooth takes a few things. (Because everyone isn’t as motivated as me in this regards) One most important thing that I’ve come to know that matters a lot is experience.

"You Must Be In It To Win It"

Eric James Newman

I’ve tried doing things on my own, but since I lacked experience, I wasn’t capable of dealing with obstacles in the right way. I’ve also, over time, lost focus on the things that mattered inside my business.
Giving time to what matters to you most in life is super important, and my family comes first. The quality of life that I provide for them and myself, is directly related to who I put my trust in.
I trust David’s system. It’s working for me and it can work for you. I don’t get paid to say this in a blog post, but I do get rewarded mentally for expressing the truth that truly matters.
If you are like me, and I bet you are, do yourself one of the biggest favors ever: Get involved in FunnelXROI. You will thank me later. I promise!



Different Weekly Giveaways!

Stop Mindless Scrolling and Enter to Win Some Freebies with Weekly Giveaways!
Do you sometimes catch yourself so bored that you just mindlessly start scrolling through your phone? When boredom starts crashing in on us we are most likely to pick up our phones and start going through Instagram, Facebook, or some other social network just out of plain boredom, not doing anything productive, just scrolling. Why mindlessly keep scrolling when you can instead sign up for online giveaways instead and get the chance to win something free.
Since we all just love free stuff, signing up for a weekly giveaway could be something to do instead of mindless scrolling, they are fun, simple and easy. Signing up is completely free, you don’t have to do much of anything to enter and the thrill of winning is almost addicting. Furthermore, all that time you spend scrolling could be turned into quick online giveaway sign ups and eventually you could be racking up on prizes. 
There are many benefits of online giveaways and weekly giveaways for influencers businesses and the participants. For the participants you have the option to win something completely free after a quick signup, as I said before, you’re able to learn a little more about what the brand is offering during the contest and be apart of a fun experience that you could share with your family and friends. 
With businesses it helps them to promote their brands to us, earning customer attention and also gaining them exposure in this saturated market. If you have dreams of becoming and influencer, like most of us in the age of technology, you can promote yourself and end up gaining followers, views, etc. It’s literally a win-win situation however you look at it. 
Giveaways are fun and exciting to share with friends and family and for you all to participate in, inspiring audiences to look into different brands, so everyone can join in on the fun. Some online giveaways even bring awareness to certain issues going on in the world and isn’t that an easy way for you to do you part. Just by signing up for a weekly giveaway that’s completely free you’ve brought awareness to a cause you are passionate about. We all know that finding giveaways is a breeze but just to make things a little easier for you, I have compiled a list of some you can start off with.

1.Coca-Cola $5,000 Weekly Giveaway
For this giveaway all you need to do to enter is be a legal resident of the United States or the District of Columbia and be at least be 13 years of age. You would also have to download the Coca-Cola app on your smartphone or device to enter to win. Pretty simple, right? You could literally win five thousand tax free dollars, and all you have to do is download an app.

2.Silvana Giveaways
To participate in Silvana Giveaways you have to be at least 18 years or older, be a resident of the United States or either Canada, and you would also have to enter online. Entering can be done on Facebook, Instagram, or You can refer your friends to the website or for extra entries and you can also get an entry by placing an order on Silvana’s website. Silvana offers itemslike clothing, jewelry, healing crystals, gemstone energy bracelets and goods for you home as well as gifts for the people in your life.

3. Amazon Giveaways
Amazon giveaways are awesome and easy as well, you just go through a list of the giveaways being offered, you don’t even have to give away any contact information and all it is is three clips and no typing and you’ve signed up. This happens weekly and is also completely free. Another awesome thing about these giveaways is that you instantly know if you are a winner or not. 

This site allows you to go through a whole lot of different giveaways from a ton of different companies and then sign up for the giveaways that appeal to you. even has different categories so that you can actually look for giveaways that are giving you the items that you actually want. The site also breaks down the giveaways by country, offering giveaways in the USA, Canada, the UK and they even have international giveaways. The frequency of their giveaways happen daily, weekly and even monthly. This website also has options for you to subscribe to their email list to get updates on new giveaways that are happening instantly.
Raffle Coptor is a simple giveaway website that, like the last giveaway option lets you sign up for live giveaways from multiple different brands as well threw the same website. If you’re someone who wants to do your own giveaways then you can offer giveaways to you online community through this website too.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone when your bored, how about signing up for these giveaways or giveaways like them. Entering into these giveaways is free, simple and exciting and fun to share with family and friends. The thrill of winning is always a good feeling and how can you go wrong with this, you’re literally giving nothing for a chance to win an awesome product. 
If you are a business owner some giveaways can help you promote your business and bring attention to your product, brand, or service in this saturated market, while gaining exposure and customer attention. Influencers have a chance to shine when showing off products won and participants can win freebies and maybe even bring awareness to a particular issue.
Giveaways take almost no time to sign up for and there is something for everyone. You could end up receiving from awesome freebies from some of your favorite brands or being introduced to some new and equally awesome products. Next time boredom starts to set in, I recommend mindless signups versus mindless scrolling because that way you are increasing your chances to win something awesome for free.

Weekly Giveaway

Let's DO it again!

It's Only Fair...

Win $25 Google Play Gift Card

Are You In iT?

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Elementor Pro Review

Elementor Pro Review

I am super-excited about Elementor Pro plug-in and its capabilities!

If you are an avid WordPress user then I believe you will find this very interesting! This tool is used by over 2,000,000 professionals and I just became one of the Pro Users!

Yeah, I will probably go a little over board with these “motion effects” because this is just too cool! 

As you can already notice I am experimenting with this with my mock-up images and with the words above. I’m sure you noticed how they faded out when you scrolled down. This is just one of the MANY and I mean MANY COOL FEATURES THIS PLUG IN HAS TOO OFFER! 

I’m gonna be editing this post the more I learn about all this super cool plugin offers. 

Elementor Pro

This “motion effect” was implemented into this plugin for WordPress websites through Elementor Pro plugin in March of this year! I’m sure you have seen some websites that actually use this effect in some cool awesome ways! 

I am really impressed with the features. I had recieved an email from Ben over there at Elementor, (and I don’t get paid to promote this) and it stated 5 features to help me get started. I was already on the account page though…downloading the plugin and uploading to my website. I like the interaction and the features. Theme Builder, Form Builder, Woo Commerce Builder, Popup Builder and also video tutorial links to each. There is also a part on Pro Templates and Blocks. (This will come in handy later, as my hands on approach has already got me here creating this awesome review. 

Living with Perspective

When you learn to live with proper perspective, you get a lot further, faster.

Learn how to earn a living and start living the life of your dreams!

live with perspective

I know that starting with the end in mind is a useful strategy. This is having foresight in perspective. When you
know where you are heading, the roadmaps in life seem so much more recognizable.

I have noticed that there are a lot of people who really do not have this
down pat. To be more clear, I mean, knowing the outcome before you start
is always best. Sometimes if you work a problem backwards (like in mathematics) it helps to better understand the problem.

Sometimes it isn’t the destination that we have such an issue with, so much as it is the problems… or the equations.

Here are 15 Secrets to a better perspective-> HuffPost

In life, it is best to know what works and what doesn’t. Why? When you know what is working and what is not, it gives you guidance. I know this sounds so basic and yet it is the basics that usually stop us in out tracks. Yet, when you know your “tracks” you get a better perspective.

Personal Experience!

The reason that I know that anyone, anywhere has the potential to go anywhere in
life is because of my own personal experiences. I won’t go to much into it, but
I have overcome some bleak circumstances and regained control of my life. It all started with living with perspective.

People will always undervalue your time, they will be jealous and hate for no reasons.
I know that sometimes it is better emotionally to overlook some of life’s harsh reality,
but I also know that when you know what to expect, probabilities isn’t so surprising.

Learning and Earning.

I choose to live life a little risky. I choose to see things from the perspective of a
person who knows where he wants to go, and someone who knows how to handle where he’s been.
I also know that the things that I’ve learned and earned has always been longer lasting
and more appreciated than the things that were just given to me.

This is also one of the princibles of success, and that is taking 100% responsiblity of my life. This is also something that a lot of people do not do. I notice that people would rather
blame someone or something for their “luck” than to take responsibility. I also know that
it is something we are “conditioned” with.

We see this everywhere, but we do not realize that the people who are brutally honest with themselves, always get a lot further down the road to where they want to go. I started a blog/vlog and that gives me some reflection and helps with foresight.
Also, knowing where one wants to go is super important in putting things in a proper perspective.

-Eric James Newman

Enter to win!

Every Week I Give Away Something NICE!

Every week I give away something nice and awesome live on my website! You can enter to win my weekly giveaway and contests by visiting my web page here! This is a nice way to win something just for entering! It is my way of showing my visitors that I can provide something nice to them.

I am grateful to be able to provide a weekly giveaway, and trust me the contests are coming soon! I am going to be showcasing a lot in the coming weeks towards helping people who care to EARN MONEY online. So you will not want to miss that!

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This company is so great at providing affiliates with networked companies who are looking for people to get the word out! And when you refer an active affiliate, you earn a nice commission. How awesome is that!

Weekly Giveaway

This is super exciting and the whole reason why I love doing what I do! I know one of the best feelings in the world, to me… is when I win something. So, I thought to myself one day, Why don’t I just create my own Giveaways, and so I did.

You can catch me here on my website LIVE on Fridays for my weekly Live Stream and also, on YouTube. Please Subscribe to my channel there if you haven’t already!

My Facebook Fanpage is growing too! You can visit me here, and also message me and catch all the updates to my weekly giveaways! GOOD LUCK!

As Always,

-Eric James Newman

How To Master Affiliate Marketing Part 2

Nitty Gritty Stuff

Learn how to master affiliate marketing in 2019! You can read the first part of this 5 part series here.

It’s a numbers game. Affiliate Marketing is intricate (a lot of moving parts) and there are many right ways to market with affiliate links and there are definitely wrong ways too. (For example Spam).

One thing Affiliate Marketing is NOT, is intrusive. Spam is unwanted and intrusive marketing messages. Stay away from these practices.

Good marketing is when the consumer buys through an affiliate marketer’s affiliate link. Not when they are sold, but when they are tempted to buy. There is a difference. The more you create this experience, the better

As I mentioned in part 1, A lot of affiliate networks look for already established blogs and websites that already have a great amount of website traffic already. Your goal should always be to get more visitors to your site.


More to come! Stay tuned.


Inside my toolbox

WordPress Host: 1&1 IONOS

Email Automated Responder: ConvertKit

YouTube SEO: TubeBuddy

SEO Tools: Mongools ; Yoast SEO

Mockups: Smartmockups

Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects; Filmora9

Graphics Design: Affinity Designer by Serif

…more to come!

How To Master Affiliate Marketing Part 1

Master affiliate marketing with some must-haves.

In this article, I’m going to cover the basic “must haves” to earning an income, worth earning, online. Bookmark this page so you can access it later.

Affiliate Marketing helps you…

  • Know who your targeted audience is, and what they appeal to.
  • Get your offers in front of the people looking for it
  • Know how to optimize and track your campaigns
  • Have the “must haves”
  • Avoid anything that is intrusive or unwarranted practices
  • Earn a living doing what excites and stimulates you

First Must Have:

The first and foremost, must have for your online earning potential is going to be a website/blog. But, in order to have this you must first have a “hosting” company that can handle thousands, and even millions of website visitors.

My best advice to you will be going with a “managed WordPress” hosting plan. This is optimized for website growth, and by using WordPress (which powers most websites, by the way), you can bypass “coding”. Also, a good hosting company will offer SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for added security! For example.

This will save you time so you can do more important things, (like checking your checking account). Also, with the added security, people will feel more confident being on your site.

With a “hosting plan”, you will also be able to purchase a domain. A domain is the dot com. For example, my domain is . This is also the web address, and the information in the browser that connects people to your website.

Second Must have:

Once you have your domain, and your website set up and hosted, you will want to make sure that you have content. This content is typed words, images and videos. (At the least)These each contain “metadata” that is important for Google to use when it analyzes your website.

master affiliate
Woman using mobile phone in kitchen at home 4k

Website content is also where you will host your affiliate links, but in order to work with a lot of great companies that use affiliates for advertising, you will need website traffic.

Website Traffic

Your web content is the “long game”. This means that when you are ranking on the first page of Google for the “keywords or phrases” that people are typing into Google… Your website is showing up to the people looking for what you got to offer. This is when you master affiliate marketing.

A lot of times people are just looking for information, and in your blogs content, you can satisfy this need for information. (This is why you always want to update your website regularly).

As far as getting website visitors, this technique called SEO will get you “unique and organic visitors”, people who come to your site on their own. but, this takes time, so it is the long game. Also, there are many techniques to do this, and you can learn more here on this site. You can also run paid advertisements that will direct people to your site.

Third Must Have:

Video reach. People want to consume information as fast as they can these days. This is the preferred method for a lot of consumers. Video.

YouTube is the biggest platform that allows anyone to host their videos for free. This is also a hub for information of all kinds. Yes, even affiliate marketing.

YouTube also have the second biggest search engine in the world. (Google is the first).

This explains why a lot of YouTubers are excited about vlogging. And this is why this is also a “must have”. Big companies, know full well the marketing reach of YouTube and Google does too. This is why creators are giving the opportunity to monetize their videos for a commission.

How to increase YouTube rankings

The more subscribers and views you have, the more companies get their message out there, the more YouTube pays. The more you learn how to master affiliate marketing with the right platforms the better!

In order to understand the Metrics of your videos performance, you will need an additional tool such as TubeBuddy. This is the most popular one and also an inexpensive way to get your videos more optimized for the search engines. Take a look at TubeBuddy here.

TubeBuddy offers insight!

What I like most about TubeBuddy is the “thumbnail generator”. Thumbnail images are important to the success of your video on YouTube. Why? Because people will click on a video faster if it has a stunning thumbnail image. TubeBuddy is also the least expensive way to go.

I know you’re thinking, “…but Eric… When and how is the money gonna start rolling in?!” Let’s go more in-depth in Part Two.

Keep Reading!

New Contests & Giveaways!

I am excited about the new contests and giveaways I am running from my website!

This is generating a lot of traffic to my website and YouTube channel from fb ads.

It also is creating an email list that I can send updates and Newsletters to every week (And deliver the Giveaways, of course).

Google analytics and the Facebook pixel is setup on my website, to monitor activity. This is for creating an audience that I can also interact with and send special promotions to.

It’s so exciting!

In my spare time…

I record video screencasts of some of the tools that I use in my business and website, such as smartmockups!

My website is also sponsored by this is an affiliate Network that I am affiliated with, they are awesome to work with, because they give me a way to earn money from my website.

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At my desk and planning my marketing strategies!

I’m affiliated with Bluprint, too! Another awesome platform where you can really learn about anything online.

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If you are interested…

… in learning more, you can click those green letters above for more info…those are my links. I will earn a commission if you join and they approve you…if you’re ready for that. And, you can always send me an email to

you could just navigate my website and check out all the blog posts and stuff that I have posted there for marketing. I’m in the works of creating videos to help beginners who want to have a site where the right traffic is coming, where it’s passive. Stay tuned for that!

I have also been learning SEO and keyword research, long tail keywords and also studying my competition to see what’s working for them. You may have heard of SEO before and it stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is where you can reach people through their Google Searches. (If you have what people are looking for, then you will want to reach them where they are searching for it. SEO helps you do just that.


Have you ever heard of Tubebuddy? If you don’t know what this is, it’s a chrome extension as well as a mobile app. It helps you to optimize your YouTube channel to get more likes, comments and subscribers, by focusing on branding your channel with stats and cool stuff like thumbnails!

The prizes I offer on my giveaways will be getting bigger and bigger the more people participate in the contests. You can sign up here CONTEST*

Considered participating and entering to win in the contests and giveaways so you can win an awesome prize!
If you win you will be alerted by email you can also attend my live stream on Fridays via my website or YouTube.

Well, that’s it for now. Good Luck!

As always,