Contest Winners for 2019!

Contest Winners for the WEEKLY CONTESTS ONLINE!

Congratulations to all of our winners who have chosen to take part in the online contests! We are prepared to have a wonderful 2019!

“You have to be in it, to win it!”


Week 1(6/14/2019): Google Play $25 Gift Card -Winner Declared and Confirmed; Cassandra D

Week 2(6/21/2019): $25 Amazon Gift Card Winner- UNCLAIMED 6/22/

Week 3(6/28/2019) $25 Amazon Gift Card (cont) + $25 Western Union Transfer- Winner – Samuel Yam 6/28/2018

Week4(7/5/2019) $50 Sent Via Western Union!
Winner – Paige Foelker 7/5/2019

Week5(7/12) $25 Google Play Gift Card
Winner – Christine Sent&Recieved- 7/17/2019

Week6 (7/19) $100 Secret Giveaway
Winner Gwen $100 Western Union PAYOUT- 7/31/2019

Week7 (7/26) $25 Google Play Gift Card
Winner to be announced Friday on the Live-Stream on FB 7pm EST