Different Weekly Giveaways!

Different Weekly Giveaways!

Stop Mindless Scrolling and Enter to Win Some Freebies with Weekly Giveaways!
Do you sometimes catch yourself so bored that you just mindlessly start scrolling through your phone? When boredom starts crashing in on us we are most likely to pick up our phones and start going through Instagram, Facebook, or some other social network just out of plain boredom, not doing anything productive, just scrolling. Why mindlessly keep scrolling when you can instead sign up for online giveaways instead and get the chance to win something free.
Since we all just love free stuff, signing up for a weekly giveaway could be something to do instead of mindless scrolling, they are fun, simple and easy. Signing up is completely free, you don’t have to do much of anything to enter and the thrill of winning is almost addicting. Furthermore, all that time you spend scrolling could be turned into quick online giveaway sign ups and eventually you could be racking up on prizes. 
There are many benefits of online giveaways and weekly giveaways for influencers businesses and the participants. For the participants you have the option to win something completely free after a quick signup, as I said before, you’re able to learn a little more about what the brand is offering during the contest and be apart of a fun experience that you could share with your family and friends. 
With businesses it helps them to promote their brands to us, earning customer attention and also gaining them exposure in this saturated market. If you have dreams of becoming and influencer, like most of us in the age of technology, you can promote yourself and end up gaining followers, views, etc. It’s literally a win-win situation however you look at it. 
Giveaways are fun and exciting to share with friends and family and for you all to participate in, inspiring audiences to look into different brands, so everyone can join in on the fun. Some online giveaways even bring awareness to certain issues going on in the world and isn’t that an easy way for you to do you part. Just by signing up for a weekly giveaway that’s completely free you’ve brought awareness to a cause you are passionate about. We all know that finding giveaways is a breeze but just to make things a little easier for you, I have compiled a list of some you can start off with.

1.Coca-Cola $5,000 Weekly Giveaway
For this giveaway all you need to do to enter is be a legal resident of the United States or the District of Columbia and be at least be 13 years of age. You would also have to download the Coca-Cola app on your smartphone or device to enter to win. Pretty simple, right? You could literally win five thousand tax free dollars, and all you have to do is download an app.

2.Silvana Giveaways
To participate in Silvana Giveaways you have to be at least 18 years or older, be a resident of the United States or either Canada, and you would also have to enter online. Entering can be done on Facebook, Instagram, Sirvanaspirit.com or Sirvanaeast.com. You can refer your friends to the website or for extra entries and you can also get an entry by placing an order on Silvana’s website. Silvana offers itemslike clothing, jewelry, healing crystals, gemstone energy bracelets and goods for you home as well as gifts for the people in your life.

3. Amazon Giveaways
Amazon giveaways are awesome and easy as well, you just go through a list of the giveaways being offered, you don’t even have to give away any contact information and all it is is three clips and no typing and you’ve signed up. This happens weekly and is also completely free. Another awesome thing about these giveaways is that you instantly know if you are a winner or not. 

4. Ilovegiveaways.com
This site allows you to go through a whole lot of different giveaways from a ton of different companies and then sign up for the giveaways that appeal to you. Ilovegiveaways.com even has different categories so that you can actually look for giveaways that are giving you the items that you actually want. The site also breaks down the giveaways by country, offering giveaways in the USA, Canada, the UK and they even have international giveaways. The frequency of their giveaways happen daily, weekly and even monthly. This website also has options for you to subscribe to their email list to get updates on new giveaways that are happening instantly.

Raffle Coptor is a simple giveaway website that, like the last giveaway option lets you sign up for live giveaways from multiple different brands as well threw the same website. If you’re someone who wants to do your own giveaways then you can offer giveaways to you online community through this website too.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone when your bored, how about signing up for these giveaways or giveaways like them. Entering into these giveaways is free, simple and exciting and fun to share with family and friends. The thrill of winning is always a good feeling and how can you go wrong with this, you’re literally giving nothing for a chance to win an awesome product. 
If you are a business owner some giveaways can help you promote your business and bring attention to your product, brand, or service in this saturated market, while gaining exposure and customer attention. Influencers have a chance to shine when showing off products won and participants can win freebies and maybe even bring awareness to a particular issue.
Giveaways take almost no time to sign up for and there is something for everyone. You could end up receiving from awesome freebies from some of your favorite brands or being introduced to some new and equally awesome products. Next time boredom starts to set in, I recommend mindless signups versus mindless scrolling because that way you are increasing your chances to win something awesome for free.

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