Elementor Pro Review

I am super-excited about Elementor Pro plug-in and its capabilities!

If you are an avid WordPress user then I believe you will find this very interesting! This tool is used by over 2,000,000 professionals and I just became one of the Pro Users!

Yeah, I will probably go a little over board with these “motion effects” because this is just too cool! 

As you can already notice I am experimenting with this with my mock-up images and with the words above. I’m sure you noticed how they faded out when you scrolled down. This is just one of the MANY and I mean MANY COOL FEATURES THIS PLUG IN HAS TOO OFFER! 

I’m gonna be editing this post the more I learn about all this super cool plugin offers. 

Elementor Pro

This “motion effect” was implemented into this plugin for WordPress websites through Elementor Pro plugin in March of this year! I’m sure you have seen some websites that actually use this effect in some cool awesome ways! 

I am really impressed with the features. I had recieved an email from Ben over there at Elementor, (and I don’t get paid to promote this) and it stated 5 features to help me get started. I was already on the account page though…downloading the plugin and uploading to my website. I like the interaction and the features. Theme Builder, Form Builder, Woo Commerce Builder, Popup Builder and also video tutorial links to each. There is also a part on Pro Templates and Blocks. (This will come in handy later, as my hands on approach has already got me here creating this awesome review.