Living with Perspective

Living with Perspective

When you learn to live with proper perspective, you get a lot further, faster.

Learn how to earn a living and start living the life of your dreams!

live with perspective

I know that starting with the end in mind is a useful strategy. This is having foresight in perspective. When you
know where you are heading, the roadmaps in life seem so much more recognizable.

I have noticed that there are a lot of people who really do not have this
down pat. To be more clear, I mean, knowing the outcome before you start
is always best. Sometimes if you work a problem backwards (like in mathematics) it helps to better understand the problem.

Sometimes it isn’t the destination that we have such an issue with, so much as it is the problems… or the equations.

Here are 15 Secrets to a better perspective-> HuffPost

In life, it is best to know what works and what doesn’t. Why? When you know what is working and what is not, it gives you guidance. I know this sounds so basic and yet it is the basics that usually stop us in out tracks. Yet, when you know your “tracks” you get a better perspective.

Personal Experience!

The reason that I know that anyone, anywhere has the potential to go anywhere in
life is because of my own personal experiences. I won’t go to much into it, but
I have overcome some bleak circumstances and regained control of my life. It all started with living with perspective.

People will always undervalue your time, they will be jealous and hate for no reasons.
I know that sometimes it is better emotionally to overlook some of life’s harsh reality,
but I also know that when you know what to expect, probabilities isn’t so surprising.

Learning and Earning.

I choose to live life a little risky. I choose to see things from the perspective of a
person who knows where he wants to go, and someone who knows how to handle where he’s been.
I also know that the things that I’ve learned and earned has always been longer lasting
and more appreciated than the things that were just given to me.

This is also one of the princibles of success, and that is taking 100% responsiblity of my life. This is also something that a lot of people do not do. I notice that people would rather
blame someone or something for their “luck” than to take responsibility. I also know that
it is something we are “conditioned” with.

We see this everywhere, but we do not realize that the people who are brutally honest with themselves, always get a lot further down the road to where they want to go. I started a blog/vlog and that gives me some reflection and helps with foresight.
Also, knowing where one wants to go is super important in putting things in a proper perspective.

-Eric James Newman

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