Recommended Tools

Recommended Tools

First, let me start off by saying…

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And, secondly…

Let me explain why I love what I do. You see, setting up this website is my creative outlet to the world. It lets me be me, and showcase my talents in web design as well as marketing and video editing.

My passion is showing people HOW their time, energy and yeah money, can be put to great use.

One of the most powerful ways to connect with people is EMAIL! It goes without saying…

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Email Marketing is still the number 1 way to stay connected automatically.

The main reason I like them so much is they care. That means a lot.

Listed below are some of the highest performing tools online for their respected niche, so not only do I totally recommend them as a must have, but I have and use them, religiously. CLICK below to see why I have chosen these…


This is a must have as it doesn’t require that you know how to code. WordPress is free to use and very easy to customize with themes, plug-ins and even code if you want. WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM are two different things.

“1&1 IONOS”

This should have been number one because hosting supersedes a website, and actually, a domain name would supersede this, but I buy my domains at this company! They also care about their customers.
Check more about 1&1 IONOS by clicking here!

“Envato Elements Subscription”

Envato Elements is customizable elements, everything from WordPress themes to Audio. One month subscription is $17, and while I am not an affiliate for this company, I use this because it aids me in my templates for video editing…

“Adobe Creative Cloud”

I like Adobe Premiere CC and After Effects. These two help me in video creation and mostly editing. The effects are cinematic, just take a look at the video intro that I created with it here!

” SmartMockUps”

SmartMockUps has changed the game! Take a quick look at what I mean in my YouTube cover of this exciting tool! YOUTUBE VIDEO!

“Affinity Designer”

I like this tool because I can edit vectors and more. It’s no subscription like Adobe Illustrator and it’s high grade! There is a learning curve so be prepared to learn how to use it, but trust me, once you do, you will have a skill that not a lot of people have, which in turns makes it that much more valuable to the marketplace!